Twisted Beeswax Candles

About Us

We started Twisted Beeswax Candles in 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona.  We have enjoyed traveling around the southwest doing art festivals on the weekends and meeting our customers.  We are a mom & pop operation working out of our shop creating new designs for every season.  Each candle we make is hand cut, hand twisted and decorated with care.  Truly, the most rewarding part of our business is you, the customer.  Thanks for returning season after season to purchase our candles for your holiday table and special occasions.

About Beeswax

All of our candles are 100% pure beeswax.  Beeswax comes from the beehive and naturally handles extreme heat and temperatures.  It is a great candle for hot climates or traveling.  Most of our candles burn 6-8 hours.  They are virtually smokeless and dripless when lit in a “still” environment.  We know you will enjoy burning our candles that are also fragrance free.  We use all cotton wicks and soak our wicks in beeswax to add to the burn time.

Beeswax makes a perfect thank you, hostess gift, teacher gift or employee appreciation gifts.

We look forward to seeing you soon at a show, but if we can help you out in the meantime, we also look forward to your online orders.

Thank you again, our loyal customers and friends who we look forward to serving year after year.

Customer Review

Twisted Candles are everything as advertised and more. They don’t drip onto the candle holder creating a mess, the only noticeable smoke happens when they are extinguished, and they’ve outlasted any dinner celebration I’ve ever given.  Even more, they are a fabulous conversation piece…burning into beautiful sculptural creations.

Twisted Candles are as genuine as their creator, Sheri Nielsen.  I’m thankful that such a proud, hardworking, small business entrepreneur still makes her excellent product here in America!

Carol C.

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